Professional Document Restoration From Fire or Water Damage Disasters

Historic Flooding in Hawaii, has your business suffered wet documents in Honolulu or surrounding areas? Call the Document Restoration Pros today for professional freeze drying and document restoration services.

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* The countries largest network of certified document restoration professionals, providing local service through our regional response and portable document freeze drying centers.

* Experts in mobilizing following major catastrophes such as hurricanes, tropical storms or flash flooding disasters, we are there when you need us!

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* Free Initial Phone Consultation To Review Your Loss and Overview Your Options

* Establish protocol for cleaning and restoring documents at one of our offsite regional restoration facilities

* Work with you or your insurance carrier to fully understand pricing and restoration options

* Professional pack out and pack in for large commercial losses through our fleet of refrigerated trailers

wet documents restoredSuffering from an unexpected flood is not only emotionally devastating, but the water damage that is left behind can also be a catastrophe. Homeowners and business owners that experience water damage to their valuable belongings often find themselves in a difficult situation as they struggle to save their treasured items and get their lives back on track. The property restoration process may be lengthy and costly. Thankfully, professional document restoration can save valuable documents and treasured memories in a fast and cost-effective manner.

A large challenge for homeowners and business owners after a disaster is the recovery of their valuable records and paper belongings. Millions of households and businesses continue to utilize paper record keeping. Important documents that have suffered water damage from a flood or other natural disaster often have the potential to be partially or fully restored by the use of a professional document restoration company.

Many people are not aware that document restoration is a huge industry that generates millions of dollars each year. Across the country, there are dozens of respected document restoration companies with restoration professionals that specialize in the recovery and preservation of paper items, x-rays, DVD’s, and other media items, and they can often quickly identify salvageable materials and minimize the water damage that has been caused.

Recognizing salvageable items is usually based on the type and extent of the damage. Professionally trained restoration specialists are able to examine documents for evidence of mold and other issues in order to choose the proper restoration method. Often, documents that have been exposed to sewer water or contain mold can be properly cleaned with the use of proper chemicals.

Regardless of the type of water damage that has been done to a person’s documents, document restoration companies use state-of-the-art industrial freeze dryers to restore severely damaged documents. Water is able to do the most damage when it is in its liquid state, and by freezing water-damaged items, the water is transformed into a solid state that greatly minimizes its damaging effects. Any documents or media items that are recovered and treated by a professional document restoration company within a 24 hour period have a very good chance of being able to be restored to their former glory. However, depending upon the severity of the water damage, some data may still be lost.

The freezing process performed by document restoration specialists affords them the time to make crucial decisions about the proper process for document recovery. Certain items require different restoration techniques, and companies cannot afford to waste valuable time deciding on the proper technique for each document, even when the documents are freeze dried. Once a book, certificate, or other item is frozen, the restoration specialists can decide on the most ideal restoration service given the circumstances.

In most cases that involve books and paper documents, the items are warmed while in their frozen state to turn the liquid into a vapor. The vapor is then collected and kept in a gaseous state, preventing any further damage to the treated documents. Time and time again, this document recovery and restoration method has proven to be the most effective and has garnered tremendous results, even for items that would have been considered beyond restoration to the untrained eye.

Professional document restoration companies can also remove harmful mold and mildew from damaged books and other paper documents. In addition to being unhealthy for people, mold can also speed up the deterioration of paper documents and other organic material, eating away at them until someone’s most prized possessions are nothing more than scrap remnants of their former glory. Mold spores can also become airborne and spread to other items or areas of the home if they are not professionally removed.

The recovery and restoration of water damaged documents can be a time consuming process. The process is often labor intensive, so business owners and homeowners should work with a professional document restoration company to determine items that can be successfully restored through their services. In most cases, a critical aspect of a restoration specialist’s job function is to prioritize the scope of the project in order to speed up the recovery process while minimizing the expenses.

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