Wet Document Restoration and Freeze Drying Services in Illinois

illinois document restoration and freeze drying services

Do you have wet, water or fire damaged documents? We are a leading disaster recovery firm that specializes in repairing all types of documents from almost any type of disaster. Whether your document loss is in the greater Chicago area, downstate in Peoria, Springfield or the Quad Cities we have the resources to help you recover. Call us for a free consultation at 877-348-2299 to better understand your options and review your loss. Our experts have restored fine art, library collections, business, legal and medical records and have the experience and resources to handle any size document loss. Your documents will be cleaned and restored by some of the best technicians in the document restoration industry and we have thousands of satisfied customers and can provide referral letters for large loss or specialized document drying services. We offer a free consultation to overview your loss, develop and restoration plan and help you understand the entire process start to finish. We recognize the importance of minimizing business interruption, and can work directly with you or your insurance carrier. wet document drying services in Illinois

wet and damaged documents dried and restoredWater damage can be devastating, especially if important documents have been affected. Everything from birth certificates and social security cards to irreplaceable photographs and newspaper clippings could be ruined after a flood or disaster. Thankfully, freeze drying can help homeowners restore and recover valuable items. Important documents like keepsakes and heirlooms as well as books can often feel more valuable than other possessions. State-of-the-art technology helps people salvage their water damaged documents.

The Freeze Drying Document Restoration Process

First put to use during World War II to store human plasma, free-drying is now one of the best ways to preserve and restore documents. All Documents are first frozen before moisture is removed. This helps to restore or save the documents’ structure. While frozen, the items are protected from further damage. After all, as water sits, it can only continue to destroy items. Next, the items are placed in a special drying chamber where a high-pressure vacuum removes air. With the right temperature and pressure, the water is then shifted to vapor that is removed to the outside of the chamber. As the temperature slowly rises, vapors and water are thoroughly removed from the documents.

Other restoration techniques are nowhere as effective as the freeze-drying process. This restoration technique means that documents can be stabilized, stored and then dealt with later as homeowners deal with insurance companies, law enforcement and the process of sorting through a home’s contents. Because freeze-drying is effective, people can be sure the job is done right the first time. Thus, people do not have to pay out for additional services. If homeowners act right away, they can fully restore their documents so that they look good as new.

Many different types of documents can be saved thanks to freeze-drying technology. For example, businesses can save financial records and medical records, valuable artwork and books can be saved and a range of print materials and keepsakes can be restored too. This is a chance to save everything from leather and parchment to pulp papers, transcripts, money and even paintings and textiles too. People no longer have to worry about losing their recipe books or embroidery or their certificates and legal files thanks to freeze-drying.

Different types of paper and materials need different types of restoration. It is important to avoid using a blow-dryer or talking to amateurs in the restoration business. Instead, professionals understand which temperatures and air pressures are right for which items. Professionals can help businesses save their files, film and materials so that they do not have to try and replace everything. And of course, home owners can protect keepsakes that cannot be replaced.

When water stays in documents, mold can grow, ink can run and the documents and items could be unreadable. Some items cannot be easily replaced. This is why it is important to act quickly. Talking to professional water damage experts can help save documents. This is a chance to protect keepsakes and heirlooms as well as important tax and medical files, among other items. By calling freeze-drying experts, people can save their documents and really grapple with this emergency.

Count on us to dry and restore your valuable documents, medical records, legal papers, records and books anywhere in the state of Illinois

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