Wet Document Restoration and Freeze Drying Services in Hawaii

Hawaii document restoration and freeze drying services

Have you suffered a catastrophe at your home or business and are your documents now in a state of ruin? Count on our team to help repair and restore wet documents, smoke damaged documents from fire’s, flooding, storm damage disasters. Whether your loss was in Honolulu, Pearl City, Kahuli or anywhere in Hawaii we have the resources and techs to help restore your documents from any type of disaster. Call us day or night, (877) 348-2299 for a free phone consultation.

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wet and damaged documents dried and restored AZ The Document Restoration Pros can restore medical records, x-rays, court and law records, photographs, books, etc. When you undergo fire or water damage to your property, chances are your personal possessions such as documents, photos, books, and other paper materials undergo damage as well. If you call your local restoration contractor in a time efficient manner, more than likely your items can be salvaged. Many restoration companies can take the contents that have been damaged to their offsite facilities and have soot and water remnants removed. Contrary to the popular belief, many documents that have undergone superficial damage can actually be salvaged by calling in a timely manner. There are many ways that your local restoration company can do this. A couple methods that will restore these documents are air drying, de-humidification, and vacuum freeze drying, and thermal drying.

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Thermal drying is much like freeze drying, but the documents are not frozen. Thermal drying is a better option for people who have lost many documents due to water or fire damage. The documents are put into a air-sealed chamber and as hot air enters, the moisture evaporates and the paper is left to dry. This is one of the most cost-efficient ways to dry and repair the damaged documents and contents.

Vacuum freeze drying is almost the same concept, but the documents are frozen in a separate chamber before they are put into the drying chamber. When the documents are frozen, it ensures that the ink will not drip off of the paper and ensures maximum quality. After the documents are frozen, they are put into a different chamber which will then remove the moisture and dry the contents completely. This has proven to be the most efficient way to dry documents in recent times.

Dehumidification is quite simple, because it includes putting the documents in an enclosed space with fans and dehumidifiers. As the fans circulate the air, the dehumidifiers will extract the moisture from the damaged paper. This is the best option for people whose documents were not badly damaged. This can even be done at home if you have the proper equipment.

Air drying is self explanatory. The papers are left out to dry with clamps holding them in place so they do not lose their shape. This can also be done at home, that is if your home does not contain a lot of water. It is always your best bet to call a certified document recovery company when dealing with wet or soot covered documents. They will have the proper tools and manpower to get the job done for you in a quick and efficient manner. If you try to restore your documents on your own without any experience or needed equipment, you may do more damage than harm.

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