Recovery Effort Continues for Many Businesses After Extreme Cold

Scores of businesses across the US are struggling to return to normal following the arctic blast that broke water mains, cut off power and froze pipes. Small business owners in particular like those running cafes, bakeries and shops have had it rough following the historic cold snap that affected 200 million people. Many small business owners closed their doors during the bitterly cold temperatures due to lack of water, heat and lights. Many more found themselves forced to close down due to previously frozen pipes that expanded and burst to cause devastating water damage.

For many business owners that didn’t have problems to deal with like frozen or burst pipes, the recent cold’s real
impact may be felt when the heating bills start coming in. And, because many people simply were not out and about visiting local businesses during the dangerously cold temps, the struggle to pay bills at the end of the month with less consumer spending may be too much for many small businesses to bear.

A great many homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and nursing facilities in the Midwest reported gushing water following the extreme cold. As the temperatures warmed up quickly following the polar vortex, the thaw out has unleashed torrents of water from melting ice backed up on roofs, from overflowing storm sewers and from leaking pipes that split open during the bitter cold. And for those business owners without proper insurance coverage, the cost of dealing with these problems can simply be too overwhelming. While many businesses reported doing very well during the cold weather such as electricians and plumbers, others like restaurant and shop owners saw a sharp decrease in business.

The estimated hit to the US economy from the polar vortex that gripped much of the country is being estimated at $5 billion. But to the average small business owner who’s left to pay out of pocket expenses for flood cleanup due to no flood insurance coverage, the price he or she pays will be especially high. Now, all across the Midwest, friends and family members are pitching in to help small business owners clean up following water damage that resulted from burst pipes and leaking roofs.

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